To celebrate the achievement of an important company milestone, or to raise employee morale, book a corporate cooking class with The Dessert Lady! Team building cooking classes are a great way to host a corporate event. Your participation is important; please feel free to ask the chef questions in order to enhance your learning experience.

Classes are taught by our very own Dessert Lady, Mandy Kan. Mandy studied the art of pastry in one of the most prestigious pastry schools, The French Culinary Institute in New York City. As a five diamond pastry chef, Mandy has been featured on Breakfast television, CBC, and National Post to name a few.

Platinum Package

Chocolate Decadence- Hands-on Cooking !

Min 10 - Max 20 adults $100 per person for 2hrs

The Ultimate 5 Senses Experience!


 See: Watch chef Mandy demonstrate the making of Chocolate Truffles from scratch, using Belgian Chocolate. Mandy will also explain the importance of tempering chocolate in order to make the perfect truffle !


 Listen: Listen to Mandy speak about the history of chocolate, the various types of chocolate, the origin of chocolate and why chocolate truffles are so widely loved across the world. Mandy will share chef secrets, tips and tricks in order for you to make your own truffles at home !

Touch: You will have hands-on experience in making your very own chocolate truffles from scratch !

Taste: You will have the opportunity to sample various types of chocolates !

Smell: Client Testimonial: “I love the smell in here; I wish you could sell it in a bottle !”


Gold Package

VIP Backstage Pass - Demo and Tour !

Min 10 - Max 20 adults $80 per person for 1.5hrs

Watch, Listen and Learn from a five diamond pastry chef !


Your VIP backstage pass will allow you behind the scenes of one of the most popular dessert houses in Toronto – The Dessert Lady! Observe the chef’s realm as you've never seen it before! You will have the pleasure of watching chef Mandy (a five diamond pastry chef) in action as she creates homemade warm and chewy chocolate chip cookies, as well as a heavenly strawberry shortcake right before your eyes. Your VIP pass will also entitle you to recipes and samples of the fresh, “right out of the oven” desserts being featured during the demo. You will also learn how coffee and tea contain tannins that influence your palate, making certain foods taste more appealing. As you sip your complimentary coffee or tea you will have the pleasure of learning some simple guidelines when pairing a hot drink with your favorite sweet.


Silver Package

Rich and Decadent Taste Explosion - Dessert Tastings !

Min 10 - Max 20 adults $60 per person for 1hrs

Three course gourmet dessert tasting menu !


Meet the chef and try a three course dessert-tasting menu, using our traditional in home recipes. At the Dessert Lady we take pride in the fact that we use only the premium and all natural ingredients. Choose between a large selection of homemade ice cream or sorbet of your choice, to accompany any one of the items of your choice in the list below.

Choose any 3 items below for your dessert tasting experience:

  • Try our famous Red Velvet cupcake and find out why Oprah says Red Velvet it’s one of her favorites !
  • Sample our handmade chocolate truffles and ask the chef about her favorite cooking method - an infusion of East meets West !
  • Try our most popular signature cake – Dessert Lady Strawberry Shortcake
  • Sample our one of a kind Soufflé (featured only at high end hotels and fine dining restaurants)
  • Mystery Dessert, taste it blind folded and guess the correct dessert and flavor & receive a surprise gift !


*Complementary tea or coffee will be offered for all corporate team building cooking class packages. Desserts are subject to change depending on the season. Please feel free to contact us should you want to customize your own cooking class package. Due to the fact that we are working with edible products and food colouring, there may be slight variations from the original image colour.