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3D WOW/ Specialty Inquiry Form

  1. PURCHASE DIRECTLY ONLINE: You can order online if you see something you like.
  2. ONLINE INQUIRY FORM: Fill out the 3D WOW/ Specialty Product(s) Online Inquiry Form to inquire about a specific product(s) from our 3D WOW/ Specialty gallery, or use it to create your custom 3D WOW/ Specialty product(s). We often create custom products for our customers and have created this form to better serve you during the initial requirements phase. We will require as much information as possible in order to prepare for our consultation with you (optional) and in order to provide a quote.

Please fill out the following information in our form below and a member of our team will follow up with you to review your order within 48hrs. If you do not hear from someone within this timeframe, please call us at 416-924-3223 to follow up your Product Inquiry Submission.

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Recipients Name at point of delivery
  1. We do not deliver outside specified zones.
  2. Delivery for Wedding Products (incl. Bachelorette/ Groom), 3D WOW/ Specialty Products does not apply to the regular delivery fees.
  3. Delivery for Corporate, Bachelorette/ Groom, 3D WOW/ Specialty Products will be returned to Dessert Lady if there is no one to collect the product at the point of delivery (if no one is there to accept). There will be NO 2nd attempt for delivery.

* We do not accept cheques or Cash on delivery (C.O.D).

* A minimum of 50% (non-refundable) is required at the time of booking when you’re actual order is being made. The remaining (50%) must be made 2 weeks prior to the due date of your order.

CONSULTATION DATE (NO Tasting Booking offered)

Some products are required to be kept stored in a refrigerator will others are best stored outside the refrigerator (e.g. buttercream cakes). Let us know when the product(s) are to be consumed in order for us to prepare, as well as recommend possible times for the freshest outcome. If it is necessary we will contact you to discuss your order as per the products you are enquiring about.

Product Inquiry

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All "3D WOW" cakes are decorated with buttercream or cream cheese (i.e. Red Velvet cake and are covered with fondant unless otherwise requested). Some Specialty cakes are covered in Buttercream or cream cheese with minimal design.

What flavour(s) of cake are you interested in? (see our online menu under Cupcakes )?

Note: Multiple flavours for different tiers are also available for an additional fee.

The following 2 cake flavours with Cream Cheese filling are also available for an additional fee.

If you’re not interested in more than 1 tier, please move onto the next question

Minimum order 12 pcs

Please provide details.


All 3D WOW cupcakes are decorated with buttercream and/ or cream cheese unless otherwise requested. There is a minimum order of 6 pcs for all 3D WOW cupcakes


Some of our best designs were inspired from photos sent from our clients. Upload your ideas, sketches, internet photos, or anything else you might find inspirational that will help us to personalize your order.

Send us photos of what the wedding cake you are interested in - Upload Photo:

Uplaod Sample Colour